Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm begging you. Please. Stop abusing the word "even."

Recently I've noticed that either you're abusing the word "even" more often or I'm getting more cantankerous. Possibly both.

"Seven things even food safety experts won't eat."



So, normally food safety experts will eat anything. They're far less discerning or paranoid than the average Joe Blow redneck hick, but these foods are SO bad that EVEN the food safety experts won't eat them?

Would you like to take another stab at that headline?

Maybe the "even" was in the wrong place? Maybe you meant:

"Seven things food safety experts won't even eat."

So, food safety experts normally eat their food, drink their food, bathe in their food, and sleep with their food. But these seven foods they won't even EAT?

Okay, so that's funnier, but it still doesn't make much sense.

The word "even" just doesn't belong in this sentence. I know you like it, but why don't you show your affection by treating it right? If it's not needed, let it take a break and watch TV for a while. Don't just drag it into any sentence that you feel needs emphasis.

Even if you want to.

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