Monday, July 13, 2009

Found Online...

Copywriting job.

Requirements include:

"Excellent writing skills. "Passable," "decent," or just "good" writing is not going to be enough. Inaddition [sic] to being grammatically bulletproof, your writing needs to be informative, conversational, and sprinkled with just the right amount of information, entertainment, wit, and humor."

Note- excellent writing skills.

The pay?

"The contract pays at [sic] $0.0125 per word. Our typical writers range from 700 - 1250 words per hour. So if you do 1,000 words per hour, that would be $12.50 per hour."

Wow! A whole $12.50 an hour!... (Maybe.)

Note that this $12.50 (maybe) an hour does not include the time it takes to receive the files, return the files, and deal with the company...

Can anyone say "minimum wage"?

Eh well, not my concern. They'll get what they pay for. But... I can't help wondering what text they'll end up accepting as "excellent."

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bonnjill said...

You have to just shake your head at the stupidity of some folks. It's better than what I earned when I worked at Borders a few years ago - but not by much. Secretaries get paid more than that! Excellent writing skills (shaking head and moving on with the day...)