Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Mr. Tax Man!

April 15th - Tax Day in the US - is just around the corner and this day is bringing me many things that I didn't need: added paperwork, another deadline, and... more reminders that translation is a misunderstood profession.

Perhaps everyone feels that their job is misunderstood. Perhaps I have no right to complain because I do like my job, but... Still. I can't help wishing that I didn't have to explain each and every aspect of my job if I want it understood.

When April 15th nears, and people start consoling each other with comments of, "hey, at least you get money back from the IRS soon, right?" I seem to be the lone person thinking, "that only applies if you get a regular pay check."

So let me take this moment to clear up a few misconceptions about working for yourself:
-I don't get a regular pay check.
-This means that April is not necessarily a magical tax rebate month for me.
-The fact that I spent this afternoon talking with you... probably means my office hours are now tonight.
-When I say I have a deadline to meet... there's no one else in my office who can cover for me.
-The fact that I don't have a boss glaring at me when I'm on the phone... doesn't mean I can spend my work hours talking about my cat. Or your cat. Or the cat across the street.
-No, I don't work from 9 to 5.
-Yes, I often wear slippers to work.
-And yes, it is still a *real* job.


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