Friday, January 9, 2009


Ce que je pense
Ce que je veux dire
Ce que je crois dire
Ce que je dis
Ce que vous avez envie d'entendre
Ce que vous croyez entendre
Ce que vous entendez
Ce que vous avez envie de comprendre
Ce que vous croyez comprendre
Ce que vous comprenez
Il y'a dix possibilités qu'on ait des difficultés à communiquer.
Mais essayons quand même...

Bernard Werber – L'Encyclopédie du savoir relatif et absolu

What I think
What I want to say
What I believe I say
What I say
What you want to hear
What you believe you hear
What you hear
What you want to understand
What you believe you understand
What you understand
There are ten possibilities that we will have difficulties communicating.
But let's try anyway, shall we?

I know that I'm taking a bit of license when I add the "shall we?" at the end of my translation, but somehow the English never feels right without it. So, until Bernard Werber complains or I think better of it, it stays.


Rebecca Ward Design said...

I think the "shall we" is quite appropriate.

AEGtranslations said...

Thank you!